"Elaine is a gifted healer!"

"Elaine Surowick is, quite simply, the best CranioSacral massage therapist I have ever received treatment from. I have brought both my children to Elaine, and have referred numerous friends and clients to her. A friend of mine stated that she felt more relaxed from Elaine's treatment than she had ever felt before in her entire life. Elaine is skilled, professional, caring, and has a healing touch. Her kindness and empathy strengthen and reinforce the healing she provides. I find that the benefits of her massage are not only physical, but also emotional and spiritual, and last far beyond the the actual treatment itself."

"I was surprised and delighted at all you know."

"I felt taller when I got off the table."

table200"We started cranio-sacral therapy on our daughter when she was about 4 or 5 months old. She had been born 7 weeks early and had many complications. Cranio-Sacral therapy has helped her to overcome some of these complications such as growth and digestive issues and physical delays, as well as emotional issues around her birth circumstances. Our daughter is now 4 years old and walking and running around with very little "scars" from her preemie experience. Given the circumstances around her birth, we never would have guessed that this would have been possible. I attribute her growth and development to cranio-sacral work. Without it, I am pretty sure our daughter would still be struggling with developmental delays."  -- Testimony from the mother of a "now normal" 4 year old.

"Elaine is a practitioner whose unique gifts of insight and subtle perception offer a beautiful depth to the healing process. The gentle yet strong quality of presence that she brings to the cranial sacral work makes it easy to relax deeply and enjoy it's many benefits."

" When I fell out of the tree the glass jar in my head broke, but now it's OK." --  Owen, 4 years old.

"Most often when the work of birth is referred to, it is the mother’s efforts that are thought of.  It is well known among midwives and a growing number of neonatologists that an equal and more profound effort is exerted by a baby at birth.  The process of being born is by far the greatest physical challenge of our lives and no matter how picture perfect a birth may be, any and all newborns benefit hugely from early CranioSacral Therapy.  The slightest trauma, be it bruising while passing through the birth canal, loud sounds at birth or suctioning immediately after birth can create an impact of fear in a baby; this fear directly effects and lives in the baby’s cells until they are recognized and released.  Often it takes a lifetime to find the blockage that is created at birth after prolonged illness or chronic injuries develop.  While all babies benefit dramatically from early CranioSacral Therapy, it is essential for any baby who has had a traumatic birth (via c-section, with prolonged resuscitation, shoulder dystocia, etc.).  With early CranioSacral Therapy, a newborn is able to enter the world with the greatest ability to thrive, and to maintain the perfection with which a baby is born."

"It is not uncommon for me to feel like a walking commercial for Elaine and for CST.  I was thrilled when she asked me if I could write a testimonial."

"On more than one occasion I have wished that I could somehow make it possible for everyone I love and care about, everyone that is going through a hard time, or anyone that is truly ill or feels less than vibrant, to be able to be with Elaine and have her work her magic on them.  I say magic, having a somewhat informed understanding of how CST works, because whenever I describe the process I end with, 'but it doesn’t matter – it’s like magic and it works.'"

"I am a mom of 3, an 11 year old, a 9 year old and a 5 year old; everyone in our family has been to see Elaine, all of us have worked with other CST practioners prior to moving to Ithaca; it has always been a positive experience – ills have been cured, emotional stress released, connections and breakthroughs made."

"From my eldest to my youngest child each has begun regular CST earlier in their lives and each has had less illness and fewer challenges in life.  While it is silly to look at this as a ‘study’ I do believe that the two are directly related."

"My youngest had his first CST session when he was 2 days old as a welcome present and as a spa treatment for newborns to unwind after the hard work of being born.  He has had a fever once in his life that lasted a few hours, thrown up from a stomach bug twice, had the beginnings of an ear infection once (it was the middle of the night, I took him to see Elaine the next day and it was gone), and has been under the weather with a minor cough 5or 6 times.  That’s it.  Really.  My son, at the slightest feeling of being ‘off’ requests a visit to Elaine, sometimes I, the ever attentive mother, don’t notice that anything is off with him, but after his visit I notice that he is lighter, happier, more connected to his world."

"Elaine has such a gentle and remarkable connection with infants and toddlers.  As a mother, I truly feel listened to and cared for in her presence.  She remains open and supportive on all levels.  The way she has helped my kids break through tough barriers has been amazing.  Our family is so thankful and blessed to know her!" -- Jill Bush

"My eldest’s regular bouts with ear infections and general childhood illness – fevers, colds, pneumonia - and an often angry and aggressive approach toward live at the age of 3 ½  led to my ‘discovery’ of CST.  After beginning regular CST sessions, my son was never the ‘sickly’ child he had been as a toddler.  He didn’t have another ear infection for 3 years.  Whenever I saw that he was struggling to keep it together, i.e., trying to not whack or bite people, I would schedule a CST session and he would face the world anew, much more able to work through his frustrations.  Recently, at the age of 10 he had a session where he processed the challenges he had experienced at birth - within the next week he had a complete breakthrough about his view on life, school and his capacity to make change as a single human being.  Really.  We had a family celebration to honor it."

"My children all go to Elaine for regular tune-ups; it keeps them healthy, clear, and in touch with their bodies’.  Sessions offer a gentle and straightforward way for them to process complex issues simply by being open to listen to what their cells, through Elaine’s wise and skilled interpretations, are telling them."

"My husband and I also see Elaine and it is via my own experience with her work that I can really feel the magic that happens. During or shortly after a session I lose emotional weight, I become open to the goodness around me, I am empowered, I am more able to love, to be my full self, and I feel better.  It is like a few years of psycho-therapy and multiple doctor visits, diagnoses and treatments compressed into 60 minutes without having to do any work or wait in a single office.  THIS is why I want to give it to everyone.  Because they feel better; they feel good; they are alive – and selfishly, if we were all seeing Elaine for regular treatments the world would be a joyous place to inhabit."
"I have never felt so relaxed in my life, as in my CST session."

"I can breath so much deeper, even after one session." -- women with Asthma since childhood.

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