My name is Christopher.  I came to Elaine because the adults in my life don’t think I’m strong enough to climb to the top of the 20-foot ladder to the tree stand.  I can reach the steps by pulling hard with my arms to help me put my foot on the next step.

There are other things too.  I’m the youngest, so when I want to do some of the same things my brother or sister do I have to wait.  Some of the ideas I have are not taken seriously enough; I just wanted to make a big fire in the fire pit by adding lots of sticks.  Dad wouldn’t let me.

I start to feel tension in my belly, and then my throat gets tight.  I feel this for a while, maybe a week or month then I get a cold and I’m all stuffed up.  That is when I ask to go to see Elaine.  She helps me get better, sometimes even by the next day.

Once I fell out of a tree, I cried, it hurt so much.  Mom and Dad took good care of me.  I did feel a lot better, but my back hurt.  Mom took me the next day to see Elaine, by the time she was done I know I was better.  I told her “The glass jar in my head broke when I fell, now it’s OK”.
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