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Babies & Kids Needing Special Help

I have special training from The Family Hope Center, the leading brain neurological developmental center in the country.  This training has helped me to work with kids with all kinds of challenges including:  Seizures, Down Syndrome, Born Drug Addicted, Asymmetrical Head Shape, ADD, Lung Collapse and Tracheotomy, Stroke, Cerebral Palsy, Delayed Brain Development, Failture to Thrive, Learning Disabilities, Difficulties after Rabies Vaccine, Speech Difficulties, Lack of Oxygen at Birth, Brain Injuries from Falls and MTHFR Gene Mutation.  I have also worked with Twins and Triplets to help them thrive.

Tongue Tie

All the babies I have worked with after having tongue tie snipping and or laser interventions benefit by having the chance to rebalance and release the        floor of the mouth, upper jaw, neck and sometimes other areas of the body that can have subtle misalignments.

I see babies open their mouth wider and nurse more easily after one session.

They also can have other areas of tension  from the birth process release which helps them with the adjustment to new life.

Respiratory Help

Respiratory Help

I have found Lobelia (Lobelia inflata) to open constricted bronchial passages and relieve respiratory congestion in some very chronic conditions. 

Please consult an herbalist for more information.


Stress is detrimental to our physical health and creates confusion in mental processing.

Some signs of stress are shallow breathing, fatigue, frequent illness which is a sign of low immunity, anxiety, lack of focus and some sleep problems.   CranioSacral Therapy works with the entire central nervous system, this is were stress disrupts the proper functioning of all or any system of the body.  Medications have side effects in many systems of the body, this results in stress.  Consider CST as a way to relax and let your body reduce stress patterns and come back to a health flow.  Many people go to the gym or practice a sport to reduce stress and stay fit.  This is a good approach for health, but may not release the deeper stress that has accumulated in the body.  You can make CST a regular part of your healthy life style.

I offer 1 hour CST sessions with the focus on releasing stress.  Gift certificates are available for loved ones.  

CranioSacral Therapy for Newborns

The best gift a newborn baby can receive is a CranioSacral Therapy (CST) session.  Birth can be traumatic and stressful and the well-intended but sometimes "baby-un friendly" methods used by the people that help at delivery, can counter the proper unfolding of the little body.  A baby's head receives enormous pressure on its way through the birth canal and it uses the rhythmic CS system to open the skull and the whole body after birth.  The more space that is available, the more life energy can fill up the space.

Our task as CST is to give back all the space that is possible. 

The 'Waking Up'

I have learned from working with some of my clients that a residue of anesthesia is held in the cells of the body long after recover from an operation.  There is a slight but powerful numbing or sometimes a slowing of function within the systems of the body.

I have experienced the “waking up” as my hands feel the inner rhythms.  I had a client come for a session just after she was anesthetized.  She had no desire to eat and had not gone to the bathroom.  Ten minutes after starting the session she wanted to do both. 

I suggest to fully recover and heal more quickly, seek CranioSacral Therapy after an operation.
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