About Elaine

elaine200 Elaine is a licensed New York State Massage Therapist (LMT) who specializes in Cranio Sacral Therapy (CST).  She studied massage therapy at the Finger Lakes School of Massage in Ithaca, New York.   Elaine received her advanced training in CST, including pediatrics, at the Upledger Institute, a world-renowned light-touch therapy training facility for therapist, located in Palms Beach Gardens, Florida.  To further strengthen her skills in pediatric CST, she received specialized training at the Family Hope Center, a leading brain neurological center in Philadelphia, PA. Elaine also interned at Integrative Intentions Pediatric Comprehensive Therapy Program in Selma, Indiana.

Elaine has been doing bodywork for almost 20 years.  She is an herbalist with knowledge of essential oils, herbs, and practical home care techniques.  She has also studied numerous approaches to health care including Eastern Five-Element Theory and Tibetan Healing.  These skills have allowed Elaine to expand her therapeutic repertoire and provide specialized and unique support that is suited to each client’s individual needs.

Elaine enjoys working with and helping individuals of all ages and families of all sizes, but her true passion and calling lies in helping children and children with special needs.  She has helped premature birth babies and children, babies born with a drug addiction, and those with Cerebral Palsy and injures to the brain.  Her support to newborns eases birth trauma and stress.

Elaine also teaches parents how to massage their babies.

Elaine’s primary healing modality is Cranio Sacral Therapy.  In simple terms this therapy works with the pulse, breath and inner rhythms that move throughout the body.  The therapist uses the pulse that moves the cerebrospinal fluid along the spine and around the brain, and contacts the client’s inner wisdom to initiate deep rejuvenation and healing.  Through the central nervous system any of the body’s many systems, like digestion, respiration, and the circulatory system can be activated to release toxins and emotions.  The client’s inner wisdom is the guiding force.  Many people experience deep relaxation.  Children are known to connect deeply with this work and will often ask to return to Elaine when the need arises.

Elaine has treated and worked with a wide-range of issues.  Some examples are listed below.

Babies and children
  • Children born via cesarean or vacuum and forceps delivery
  • Children with misshapen heads or head injuries from the birth process
  • Children with colic, ear infections, and digestive problems
  • Children with Autism and learning problems
  • Children with injuries or who have fallen
  • To support healing after accidents and injuries
  • To release stress
  • To lighten chronic pain
  • People seeking a deeper connection to their body

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Ithaca, New York 14850
Phone: (607) 592-0760
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